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Paintmax Renovations was founded in 2019, and we’re here to get your home and commercial renovation and remodeling projects up and running. There are so many homes and offices in Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta that could use a fresh coat of paint or new toilets and sinks as part of the remodeling process. From start to finish, we figure out how much the project is going to cost and send you a thorough estimate. This estimate includes raw materials, number of hours of labor required, and deposit terms that fit your needs. Just make sure to let us know up front what you want the final product to look like, and our team will get to work ASAP!

Local Renovations & Remodeling Contractor in Gwinnett County

Looking to remodel up your home or business? We’re here to help! Paintmax Renovations has a whole team of skilled renovations and remodeling contractors with experience in painting, construction, installation, and everything else necessary for a seamless remodeling & renovations process. We learn all we can about your business and then develop custom blueprints. Before doing anything, we discuss how much is involved in the project upfront so you know what to expect. This includes the free estimate on the total costs and time the project will take us. There’s no second guessing about anything we do.

Plus, we are entirely local to the Metro Atlanta area, so we’re easy to reach whenever you need us. As the project progresses, we’ll provide updates on the progress and anything else you’d like to know. It’s all worth it when the renovations project is completed to your satisfaction.

Why Work with a gwinnett renovations contractor?

Watch this video to get a small idea of how we work!

The video you’re watching was for a massive renovations contractor project we completed in Kingsland, GA in Summer 2023. It involved completely renovating the men’s bathroom at a gas station and clearing out the trees on the outside of the property. It took about two months to finish but it was all worth it! This is the kind of professionalism you can expect by hiring us for renovations as well as other general contractor services in your area.

Gwinnett Renovations Contractor Services Offered

Check out some of the many renovations and remodeling services we offer right here in Metro Atlanta! Whether you’re in Gwinnett County or elsewhere in the area, you can rely on us to get your new project up and running. Learn more about what we offer and how you can get a free estimate today!

gwinnett renovations contractor

Commercial Renovations Services GWINNETT COUNTY

Businesses benefit greatly from our commercial renovations services. Whether you want a new look for your office or need professional plumbing, electrical, and bathroom services, we’re here for you. We also help restaurant owners with renovations too. Give us a call or email for a free estimate today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

residential renovations contractor in gwinnett county

Residential Renovations Services GWINNETT COUNTY

It’s time to wow your guests with an amazing home renovation. We are experts when it comes to roofing, siding, kitchens, patios, decks, and way more. Get a free estimate on your next project today and have your home or apartment feel new again! Our general contractors are experienced in renovations and can help!

plumbing installation Services GWINNETT COUNTY

From residential properties to commercial spaces, we’re your go-to for plumbing installation in Gwinnett County. Our expert technicians handle everything from sink and toilet installations to intricate plumbing systems. Looking to renovate or simply upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Contact us by phone or email for a free, no-obligation estimate—expect a quick response!

tiling and flooring installation gwinnett county


Upgrade your space with our premier tiling and flooring installation services in Gwinnett County. Whether you’re sprucing up a kitchen backsplash or laying down a new bathroom floor, our skilled craftspeople are at your service. We bring expertise to residential and commercial tiling projects alike, delivering results that last! Don’t wait, get the best tiling services from Paintmax Renovations! If you’re interested, reach out to us for a free quote now!

interior renovations gwinnett county

Interior Renovations GWINNETT COUNTY

Elevate your space with our comprehensive interior renovations services in Atlanta. From revamping living rooms to modernizing office environments, we specialize in transformative makeovers. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring each renovation meets your specific needs. For a free, no-obligation estimate, don’t hesitate to call or email us—you’ll hear back from us promptly!

exterior renovations gwinnett county

Exterior Renovations GWINNETT COUNTY

Revitalize your property’s curb appeal with our exceptional exterior renovations services in Atlanta. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial building, we handle siding, roofing, and landscape projects with precision. Our experienced team ensures your exterior not only looks great but stands the test of time. Contact us via phone or email for a swift, no-obligation estimate—you won’t be disappointed!

Experience You Can Rely On from Atlanta’s Remodeling Contractors!

Every project is different and requires time and a realistic plan. With our experience in many different areas of renovations like painting, plumbing, and tiling, it’s a breeze for us to provide incredible value to your property whether it be your home or business.

Are you ready to boost your property’s resale value? Or just want to add a new look to the interior or exterior? Our Gwinnett renovations contractor and remodeling experts make all this and more seem like magic! All you have to do is contact our team and we’ll get your free estimate ready. Sign on the dotted line and pay and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that simple.

Transforming your office or home doesn’t have to be so painful after all when you hire us. If you’d like to get started, call us at 781-656-3475 or send us an email at info@paintmaxrenovations.com for more details.

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