Commercial Renovations in Metro Atlanta

Paintmax Renovations has everything you need for a successful commercial renovation project in the Metro Atlanta area. We are local to Gwinnett County and want to provide excellent service for your business. We are professionals in lighting installation, restroom construction, office renovation, and many other areas to create an inviting look your customers will love. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Commercial Renovations for Stores, Offices, and More

We are seasoned pros regards to commercial renovations and we work as hard as possible to provide tangible results. Too many general contractors want to make a quick buck and skip out on quality. At Paintmax Renovations, we have more realistic expectations when it comes to project completion. We are going to tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost and what raw materials are necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always ask us and we can offer clarification.

What Can We Help You With?

As a business owner, there’s so many things we can do for you with renovations and construction. Here’s some of what our projects can achieve for your business:

1. Fresh, updated look for your clientele
2. New floors and tiles to wow your customers
3. Boost your client’s first impressions
4. Create a more inviting atmosphere with lights & decorations
5. Stronger branding and market share

And this is just a tip of the iceberg of why commercial renovations make sense. Think of it as an investment you’re making so your business can grow to its fullest.Everyone will be a lot happier coming to work, and your customers are going to appreciate the changes you’ve made.

A more effective use of the space you already have can also boost productivity among your employees and demonstrates trust. It can go a long way in increasing ROI and attracting new customers.

Solutions for Businesses

We work with all kinds of businesses with their renovations projects in the Metro Atlanta area. If you have an idea, we can construct it for you. It’s a matter of time, resources, and appropriate planning.
Some of our services for commercial businesses are:

Commercial Kitchen Construction

Want to renovate your commercial kitchen but don’t have the time or the skills to get the job done? Our team of professionals is here to the rescue. We discuss what you want to build and we’ll execute on the idea and provide rough sketches of the layout and more!

Office Renovations

Commercial remodeling and construction can work wonders for your office. We’ll buy everything needed to give your office a new look. From furniture assembly to painting and flooring, we’re here to create a better environment for you and your staff to conduct business!

Restaurant Renovations & Remodeling

Renovations can yield amazing results for restaurant owners. It’s a chance to create a whole new atmosphere and feel that can make the difference in customer satisfaction. It’s not just the food that matters but the whole aesthetics of the dining experience. Don’t miss out on such an opportunity to revitalize your restaurant.

Commercial Plumbing

We offer plumbing services for commercial buildings. Need to add additional bathrooms, sinks, or shower heads? Been there, done that. We understand exactly what it involves and how much it’s going to cost you.

Electrical Services for Businesses

Our general contractors even have experience with setting up electricity to your new small business. We know how to rewire and add new lighting fixtures to make your business stand out from the competition.

Why Paintmax Renovations?

Our company consists of professionals with many years of experience with construction and renovations. We don’t accept any shoddy work and believe in a strong foundation from top to bottom pertaining to renovations projects for homes and businesses. With every project, we do everything possible to maintain quality, even after we’re done too. It takes a lot of planning, time, and good execution, but the results are worth it. Please give us a call at 781-656-3475 or email today for more information!